WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report

Follow the link below to read the WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report!  This has been an exciting year for WCPA and its members. See what Dr. Glen T. Martin has to say about it! WCPA Global Bi-annual Repo…

Source: WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report


“The American Earned Guaranteed Income”

“The American Earned Guaranteed Income”

            There is no need for people to suffer because of fluctuations in the American economy. We have the capability to build the following Social New Deal for all of Us. It will provide a secure foundation, much in the Spirit of Our Social Security Program, but for most of the Working Adults of Our Nation. But it will be a “Two Way Street”… this safety net will be earned by The People with good citizenship. It is Our Nation. We can do this.

The What of It.

            This financial safety net is earned by individuals doing the following:

(1) Living without criminal activity. Criminal activity causes loss of this safety net for an individual. We do not need the disruption of crime in Our Nation. If one’s personal bad habits cause them to commit crimes, that is on them. They have made bad choices. They disqualify themselves from this great program. However, a “Second and Third Chance Program of Forgiveness to Rehabilitation Success” should be established to give those Individuals who succeed in gaining Freedom from Criminal Behavior a way to gain eligibility for the Earned Guaranteed Income.

(2) Continuing one’s education for the duration of their lives. After successful completion of high school, one academic class per year will satisfy this important requirement. Education is the critical key to helping The People of America to gain the Truths and Wisdom that enable Us to fulfill the greater aspects of the American Vision. This is Our Duty as True Citizens.

(3) Public Political Participative Service. Active, daily, participation in this nations governmental processes. This participation is in the form of daily three hour study sessions of some activity of local, state, or federal level bureau or legislative work being performed by Our Trusted and Elected Representatives. Each Citizens fulfillment of this part of the agreement will be recorded daily in a computerized record at the “We The American People’s Registry”. ALL individuals, from the age of 16 on, will perform this sacred duty. Only at the termination of “normal” thinking brain function will this duty cease. The obligation of this part of the agreement is less when the Citizen is fully employed. (40+ hours per week)…perhaps the time requirement being reduced to two or one hours per day, if the Employed Citizen needs and requests this reduction.

(4) Military or Peace Service. Either Armed Forces or Conscientious Civil Service will do, (except in times of national emergency such as war or invasion, when military service will be neccessary). One successful standard term of service is all that is required. Additional service brings additional reward. College level education will wait for the completion of this obligation, (unless a health condition prevents the Citizen from qualifying for military service. Some kind of Civil Service will be made available for these health challenged Citizens.)

(5) When educational, civil and military requirements are met, daily volunteer service of many choosable levels, on many levels of Our Society, (and out in the world), is required. This requirement of the Earned Guaranteed Income is to help deny wasted time in Our Lives. Most of our leisure time most be productive in some recognizable way. To just sit around in the bars or in front of computer games is unacceptable. TV is ok, if half of this time is in the political study stations that harmonize with the web sites dedicated to this national purpose. Only 25% of one’s leisure time should be non-productive. Much of this volunteer service can be in the form of job skills training. If the military and civil service and educational requirements are fulfilled and the Individual is un-employed, this part of the agreement becomes the dominant factor in this proposal. Many good things can be done in the Private Sector for Humanity. Our highest teachings ask Us to help others who need help helping themselves to be More and Better.

(6) Business initialization and maintenance. The above Social Volunteer requirements can be substituted with this vital American activity. But all other above requirements must be met. This can go clear up to corporation size. It is recognized that the starting and operation of a business can be very helpful to the society it thrives in…particularly the economic sector of this society. The business starter and entrepreneur and their efforts should be watched and recorded as to beneficial results for the nation. Failure to succeed in these efforts will result in reversion to social service or employment requirements of this agreement.

(7) Gainful work and employment as soon as it become available and offered. Part time jobs will receive a wage of $15.00 dollars per hour and will, up to 30 hours per week, not interfere with the reception of the American Earned Guranteed Income. Over thirty hours of work per week would result in temporary removal from the Earned Guaranteed Income Agreement and Participation. When an Individual reaches a wealth worth of $7,000,000.00 they will temporarily stop wage and profit earning activities and focus their lives on personal education and social service.

That’s all We have to do folks. We would have a good contribution to a great society and nation if We can all do the above! By now you realize that this part of the program is designed to bring to an end any detectable measure of laziness, indolence and excessive self servingness in Our Populace. Also, this will strengthen Our Government and Society in the part of the American Vision called a government and nation Of The People, For The People and By The People. Those who do their part and share benefit from it. Those who do not do their share and part will not benefit from it. This what “Earning” is all about.

The Reward For The Above Achievments.

            Its simple and progressive. The “base reward” for compliance with the above citizenship requirements should be no less than $2000.00 per month, reckoned on the present, (2008), cost of living and dollar value. A personal “Standard of Decency Wealth Ceiling” of seven million dollars, agreed upon and established by The People’s Plebiscite will be the upper limit of inclusion into this agreement. A Citizen would become eligible again for inclusion into this agreement when their personal wealth drops to three million dollars.

            When an individual goes beyond the above requirements such as a brilliant military career the rewards should progress up to $4000.00 per month over a certain period of time, depending on what “beyond the standard” is achieved. These figure should provide adequate income to live comfortably in America. Wealth beyond this $4,000.00 per month is up to the individual to lawfully and ethically achieve.

How Do We Pay For This?!?!

The usual ways, but agreed to by “Peoples Plebiscite”. Or new ways presented for approval by “People’s Plebiscite”, (which would be the third legislative body in Our Government. Excess wealth that is above the personal and corporate wealth “decency ceilings”, could be allocated to this national program. Print the money to cover it, based on a new Golden Rule Standard of Potentiality of We The People. I have blogged this here. The designated value of this money will be the “New People’s Golden Rule Potentiality Standard.”, which is worth immensely more than all the gold and silver in the world. These old standards have failed and we just print the money we need for the economy anyway. The control of the money availability has to become the People’s Domain too.

End of proposal “The American Earned Guaranteed Income”.

What Would You Do ?

If you had the majority (say 55%) approval of the Citizens of the United States Of America to make changes that you feel would make Our Nation a Better one, what would those changes be?

For example I being who and what I am might:

(1) Remove “The Fed” from American Society.

(2 Remove “The Electoral College” from American Society.

(3) Establish population control, through breeding quotas, with progressive consequences at the birth of a third child.

(4) Make all political office holding, all departments and bureaus, at Federal Levels, a Volunteer function. (The states being left the right to decide this for themselves.)

(5) Outlaw outsourcing and the hoarding of American dollars in offshore bank accounts.

(6) Seal Our Borders and stop all immigration for five years.

(7) Make welfare only available to Citizens who enter training programs to be employed…(with a fair living wage.)

(8) Establish the “Earned American Guaranteed Income”. (See other of my blogs here).

(9) Establish a third house of congress, in the spirit of Direct Democracy, called “The House Of The People”.

(10) Base the value of Our Dollars on the great productive potentials of the American People.

(11) Outlaw the Corporate bribing part of Lobbying.

(12) Reverse corporate “personhood”.

(13) Bring all of Our Military Home. (America will be defended in America and its sovereign boundaries.)

(14) Exclude the IMF from Our Nation.

(15) Severely limit Our participation in the United Nations.

(16) Establish many “Worker Owned and Operated Companies” to counter the inability or the unwillingness of the corporations to provide living wage employment to the American Work Force.

(17) Promote state banking like the one in North Dakota.

(18) Restore Glas-Steagal…maybe with attendant “improvements”.

(19) Include the Social Security and Medicare programs in the “General Welfare” considerations of the United States Constitution. (At least until Better programs can be designed and built…example: Medicare could be converted into a “Single Payer” program.)

(20) Make Better treaties with the Original Peoples of this land. With sincere consideration of what “they” think would constitute a “Better Treaty”.

(21) Open state and federal voting regulations to include More Third Party and Independent campaigns for political office. Include More. Exclude less.

(22) De-inflate values and prices on a Middle Class Standard of Housing.

(23) Support Alternative Energy.

(24) Nationalize the pricing of fuel produced by private sector oil industry.


So. What would you do?



“Quick post” eh? An opportunity to make a point concisely? Thought; incomplete but indicative of direction and the perspective inherent in oneself. Here goes my first one of these.

Capitalism, after some thought on the matter, does seem to be the “Natural State” of Our Species at this time. At the same time, though, there are increasing signs of Evolution to a socio/economic formation that is more altruistic and represents a greater balance between the rights and needs of the Individual and the rights and needs of the society the Individuals have formed. More Democracy, less Individual predatory behavior. More seeing the perspective of the other and including it, to some degree, in one’s own approach to Life.

It is interesting, though often heart rending, to live in America in these days of “turtle speed” change. Of course, everything seems to move slower when one is in a hurry because they see an end to self on Earth.