“Quick post” eh? An opportunity to make a point concisely? Thought; incomplete but indicative of direction and the perspective inherent in oneself. Here goes my first one of these.

Capitalism, after some thought on the matter, does seem to be the “Natural State” of Our Species at this time. At the same time, though, there are increasing signs of Evolution to a socio/economic formation that is more altruistic and represents a greater balance between the rights and needs of the Individual and the rights and needs of the society the Individuals have formed. More Democracy, less Individual predatory behavior. More seeing the perspective of the other and including it, to some degree, in one’s own approach to Life.

It is interesting, though often heart rending, to live in America in these days of “turtle speed” change. Of course, everything seems to move slower when one is in a hurry because they see an end to self on Earth.


One thought on “Capitalism

  1. One example of the above observation is right here in “Word Press”. A nice place indeed. A place for one to be able to express their thoughts and share with others and for free. How nice is that? And it is such a neat place too.
    You see. Word Press gives from good heart and offers, from business sense shrewdness, more and better. A beautiful blend example of Capitalism and whatever We The People are Evolving toward.
    Well done “Word Press”! And thank you for this fine wee example of the changes I see.

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