What Would You Do ?

If you had the majority (say 55%) approval of the Citizens of the United States Of America to make changes that you feel would make Our Nation a Better one, what would those changes be?

For example I being who and what I am might:

(1) Remove “The Fed” from American Society.

(2 Remove “The Electoral College” from American Society.

(3) Establish population control, through breeding quotas, with progressive consequences at the birth of a third child.

(4) Make all political office holding, all departments and bureaus, at Federal Levels, a Volunteer function. (The states being left the right to decide this for themselves.)

(5) Outlaw outsourcing and the hoarding of American dollars in offshore bank accounts.

(6) Seal Our Borders and stop all immigration for five years.

(7) Make welfare only available to Citizens who enter training programs to be employed…(with a fair living wage.)

(8) Establish the “Earned American Guaranteed Income”. (See other of my blogs here).

(9) Establish a third house of congress, in the spirit of Direct Democracy, called “The House Of The People”.

(10) Base the value of Our Dollars on the great productive potentials of the American People.

(11) Outlaw the Corporate bribing part of Lobbying.

(12) Reverse corporate “personhood”.

(13) Bring all of Our Military Home. (America will be defended in America and its sovereign boundaries.)

(14) Exclude the IMF from Our Nation.

(15) Severely limit Our participation in the United Nations.

(16) Establish many “Worker Owned and Operated Companies” to counter the inability or the unwillingness of the corporations to provide living wage employment to the American Work Force.

(17) Promote state banking like the one in North Dakota.

(18) Restore Glas-Steagal…maybe with attendant “improvements”.

(19) Include the Social Security and Medicare programs in the “General Welfare” considerations of the United States Constitution. (At least until Better programs can be designed and built…example: Medicare could be converted into a “Single Payer” program.)

(20) Make Better treaties with the Original Peoples of this land. With sincere consideration of what “they” think would constitute a “Better Treaty”.

(21) Open state and federal voting regulations to include More Third Party and Independent campaigns for political office. Include More. Exclude less.

(22) De-inflate values and prices on a Middle Class Standard of Housing.

(23) Support Alternative Energy.

(24) Nationalize the pricing of fuel produced by private sector oil industry.


So. What would you do?



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