WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report

Follow the link below to read the WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report!  This has been an exciting year for WCPA and its members. See what Dr. Glen T. Martin has to say about it! WCPA Global Bi-annual Repo…

Source: WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report


One thought on “WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report

  1. As sovereign nations contend and seem to be unable to come to reasonable and loving solutions, it just might be sensible to try and develop a new problem solving structure that would eventually have the strengths needed to bring good solutions to the problems that Humanity faces in Our Times.

    Maybe We should build a new power structure, to help Us realize Our Best Potentials as a responsible planetary species. Surely, it is not our Best Destiny to destroy Ourselves in war and greed?

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