About DAN 1

70 year old male of Welsh and Cherokee ancestry. “Dreamer” personality, (would rather deal with what could and should be rather than what is), lots of fantasies and “visions”…or pieces thereof.

Does best to control his ego and vanity, but his ideas call him to occasionally express them in reality. At least as unique personality…of which We all are.

Think it would be good to build a culture. One that is More and Better of “Good” things from Human Potential, than what We have.

In love with the idea of a new “Truly Superior” barbarism or tribalism, as opposed to the error infested old barbarism and tribalism. I see “Civilization” as the “Super Barbarism or Tribes”. Of which I study, when not cutting wood, gardening, leather crafting, traveling, camping and/or reading and writing.

Politically left of center, because of skilled labor work life. Studying the American Constitution and trying to find a good attitude about Capitalism and corporations and their shenanigans. My strongest desire for America is for it to find its way to a well executed “Direct Democracy” as a True Government Of The People, For The People, BY The People. Of course We have a long way to go to achieve this, but We have to start somewhere. Involvement in local politics and community is a good first goal regarding this.

I have recently discovered Tom Atlee and his “Co-Intelligence Institute” His, and others associated with him, are doing very important foundational work for helping Humanity learn to co-operate in building a “True Direct Democracy”. His work, “The Tao of Democracy” is a good beginning to this worthy effort.

I also have discovered the “Zeitgeist Movement”, which is an energetic parallel path to More and Better. It shows great promise on a world scale.

I comment and submit articles at “Op Ed News”. There are many fine Minds there and they really help me to grow…despite my aging. Rob Kall, there, does very educational radio show interviews with “Free Thinkers”. All of them a good influence and inspiration, that keeps me understanding that I am not entirely alone in my aspirations.

At present there is fairly significant tension in my Life, because of the everyday responsibilities that my Life’s Choices have produced for me. I understand that this “tension” is a good thing, because it educates me in many realities and tests me, in regards to my Evolving Character. It sometimes feels like I am coming to some Dynamic Balance between pragmatic reality and my yearnings for More and Better. This sometimes painful, as i experience the …

The “Golden Rule” seems an easy thing…until you try to apply it in your Life. This is when its fruition really comes to be. Just always try to be as Fair as you can.


“First Seed Bearer Of Narbarism”

Its time for a new photo. I wish I still looked this good, even if this looks old to many.


One thought on “About DAN 1

  1. Like most everybody else, still struggling and growing. Have recently come into contact with a world governance development that shows promise as an idea of solution to many of Humanity’s problems. Its a rising kind of idea and definitely involves a new level of Human Culture that would arise out of the best of Us in the many sovereign nations of Earth. It has made some real and good beginnings. Its somewhere here on my “WordPress” blog site. I’ll write more about it later.

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